Coaching Team & Staff

Leonid Zaslavsky

Head Coach – Wrestling

Leonid (“Len”) is a former Australian wrestler, having competed at the highest level in the men’s freestyle 62 kg at the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta. After a short, professional career in Mixed Martial Arts, Len has dedicated his time to his passion for wrestling, being an active official of the sport, a member of the NSW board and continuing to coach and prime prospects for elite athlete competition.

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SMS: 0404 259 260

Yassine Djakrir

Head Coach – Greco-Roman Wrestling

Yassine is a soft-spoken yet well experienced wrestler, having trained and competed across many continents, at the highest level, in the 2000 Olympic Games in the men’s 63.0 kg in Greco-Roman wrestling. In the lead up to this, Yassine had developed an impressive professional resume, being crowned African Champion in the sport 3 times over.

Finding residency in Sydney, he has coached our Greco-Roman squad since the club’s inception, translating both his passion and wealth of knowledge.

SMS: 0415 885 208

Ethan Thomas

Head Coach – Brazillian Jiu Jitsu

A Jiu Jitsu black belt who has wrestled as a member of the club since 2014, Ethan has previously won championships titles, both at the Jiu Jitsu Worlds and the Wrestling Nationals. Looking towards competing in his first Olympic Games in freestyle wrestling, he continues to add to his repertoire of mixed martial art skills through with his sights always set on another bout in the octagon. This desire to constantly learn and improve translates into a unique style of BJJ coaching, taking aspects of his multi-disciplined career.

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SMS: 0415 759 736

Abbas Beikverdi

Freestyle Wrestling Coach

Abbas has decades of experience competing and coaching freestyle wrestling. Abbas has won numerous national and state titles in Iran and has also been involved in training many of Australia’s best competitors.


Jayden Lawrence

Team Captain & Elite Squad Coach – Freestyle Wrestling

A pillar of our club and an active athlete of the highest caliber, the Club’s inception would not be if not in part to Jayden. Still only in his 20s, Jayden has competed multiple times at an international-level, having competed at the World Championships in Budapest in 2013 and the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014. As he strives towards Olympian status, he continues to groom those who wish to carve a similar path of their own.

SMS: 0407 555 133

Martin Doyle

Elite Squad Coach – Kids Freestyle Wrestling

Martin is a wrestler of Irish nationality and is currently the active Head Coach for our Junior team. He competed in the men’s freestyle 82 kg at the 1988 Summer Olympics, representing Great Britain. He currently still actively practising the disciplines of Judo and Jiu jitsu as well as training in freestyle wrestling.

His coaching and professional credentials include: Level 1 Wrestling Coaching, Level 1 Judo Coach, WWC Clearance, UK National Freestyle Champion twice, UK Olympic Freestyle Wrestling Team Soul 1988, MSK & Sport, Physiotherapist, Sports Scientist and Former Royal Marine.


Greg Fendler

Assistant Coach – Kids Freestyle Wrestling

Born and raised in Pennsylvania (PA) on the east coast of the US.  PA has a strong history and culture as a strong wrestling state, so I grew up wrestling and then wrestled for Penn State University, which is a powerhouse in NCAA wrestling having won 8 of the last 9 Division 1 national wrestling championships.  In addition, I trained at Fox Catcher (US Olympic training center) during high school and university and at the New York Athletic Club (US regional training center) after university.  I have been an Australian citizen now since 2016 and I’m married with four children, two of whom participate in the SUSF Wrestling club.  While I now work full time in the corporate sector, I still have a great passion for wrestling as a sport that builds strength, flexibility, coordination and determination.


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