Club Fees

“Low fees…good coaches….wrestlers from beginners to top level.”

-Ehab Ismail


2020 MembershipUSYD StudentCommunity Member
Yearly membership
(SUSF Fee^+365 days of training)
Casual Session*$18$18
Kids Membership $132.50 Per
Calander Term
Fees subject to change

^The SUSF fee is a requirement from the University to access facilities and be part of any of the University’s sports clubs. In response to the SUSF fee, we’ve kept our club fees cheap as chips.

*If you swing by for a casual session then sign up for a yearly membership, show us both receipts and we’ll happily refund the casual fee. Nine casual sessions and you may as well have signed up for the year!

The yearly membership covers your annual fee for:
All classes (Wrestling & Brazillian Jujitsu)
Dojo venue hire and insurance

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